Rix Mascarenhas - Photographer

I am Rix Mascarenhas, a photographer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

As an art lover, he was always involved with crafts, design, painting and the list goes on. Working as a freelance photographer I enjoy taking pictures and creating stories that have meaning and help people to thrive. 

My work is guided by the stories behind each scene and that truly represents the moment. I think that everyone deserves to be seen for the best they have to offer. I can have a beautiful headshot or an environmental portrait. The mission is to tell the best history possible.

I have worked in different areas during the past years. All of them, art-related. I ran a lutherie workshop, I was a lutherie teacher and an audio and guitar technician and musician. Later in my life, I discovered photography which ended up being my art of choice. Since 2015 I have been writing photography related articles on Fotographiko.com helping people to get started in the magical world of photography. 

Simple, easy-going, and responsible. These are the additives that people are using to describe me, and I surely agree, I am all about creating a positive environment and good relationships. I think that life is about good and bad experiences, but living is how we spend our time and how we make the most of it.