Hi! I am Rix Mascarenhas

I am a photographer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

As an art lover I am always involved with crafts, design, painting and the list goes on. Absolutely passionate about what I do.

As a freelancer photographer I enjoy taking pictures and creating stories. I also have been working on Fotographiko.com, a blog that helps people to get started in photography.

I have worked in different areas during the past years. All of them art related. I ran a lutherie workshop, I was a lutherie teacher and an audio and guitar technician.

With knowledge and open mind, I am not afraid to take that extra step to make your photos better, by putting all my efforts into delivering you the best work.

The photos

My approach is guided by the stories behind each scene. I use unusual angles to convey a different point of view and combine contrasting colors in order to create a great notion of space. For me, a photograph is like a painting and I am always searching for the perfect moment.

To have an idea of what can be done please follow the link below