If you new some of these types of photography services in Halifax, Nova Scotia please don’t be shy and contact me.

Headshots and Corporate headshots

Headshot portraits are the window for a good first impression, and they can tell a lot of your personality. As a portrait photographer, I try to capture your true value as a professional and put it into the photograph.  If you need a business profile picture that shows who you are you need a good headshot, this tells a lot about you. You can use it in a variety of segments. Linkedin profiles, web pages, business cards, and the list goes on.  It can have a more classic approach or an artistic view, what really matters is that the photograph shows to your clients who you are.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental Portraits can be the core of your brand. They turn you into a superhero in your field. A good environmental portrait can show you and your work in a meaningful way.


Every day lots of things happen and some of these moments cannot be forgotten. A birthday party, an engagement moment, a music presentation or even some sad story that must be remembered. All these events should be captured to be viewed in the future.
If you need a more photojournalistic view of your event and want someone to cover some events in your life or business you have to choose someone who will care about telling the right story.

Products and food

Passing the right idea for your client is half of the sale. In product or food photography this is true. Nobody likes and they order something and later discover that in the photograph the product was completely different.
With carrying for the details your products/food photos can take your business to the next level.

Bookings and Prices

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